Free Giveaway on my insta

My giveaway contest is finally ready for everybody to enter!

If you win this is everything you will be getting including the nails and makeup bag!

In order to enter you must head over to my instagram. If you don’t have an Instagram and still like to enter please follow me on here and comment when done 💻

💋 You have just one month to enter before I close the contest.

💋 The winner will be announced publicly on my instagram, here on my blog and on my twitter account (missnoelabeauty)

💋 Everything in the makeup bundle is 100% new and unopened.

Disclaimer: I know it’s risky adding foundation and concealer to an open giveaway because of the obvious reason we are not all the same skin tone.

The shades in the giveaway are too light for me and one of the concealers are to dark for me. If you want me to skip it and not include them at all I’ll be happy not to. If you do win and want to give them away to someone you know that does match the shades that’s also fine.

This is my first giveaway so if you have any opinions or ideas please message me (not comment)

Once you enter please note that I will be keeping this open until the end of September! As mentioned above. I will announce when I’m going to pull the drawing. It’s going to be done old fashion style. I’m going to write all of your Instagram names on a piece of paper and pick a random name in a hat. I will do it four times (my lucky number) the 4th name picked will be the winner!

🚨 After the announcement please give me up to one month to send the package. I will keep you up to date the entire time.

🚨 Please read the ingredients before using like you would any makeup product because I don’t know what you are allergic too, etc.

My next free giveaway is going to be a gift card to Ulta and an eyeshadow palette from Morphe which I will give you options to pick from. So keep following because with the Holidays right around the corner I want to have tons of free giveaways!

YouTube channel coming soon!

Hello my beautiful wicked queens and kings!

I am currently in the process of starting my own YouTube channel!

I wanted to blog about it just a little bit.

Why it’s taking so long

At the moment I am slowly but surely gathering the things I need to start a “high end” looking YouTube channel. I’ve posted on 3 of my social accounts that I’m looking to hirer an editor to help me edit my videos. Unfortunately I’ve had no responses therefore I’ve done a lot of studying on how to edit my own videos on an iPad mini 4 by Apple. I downloaded editing apps and have been playing around with them, but the truth is I just can’t get the hang of it. That’s my number one reason why I haven’t uploaded.

The second reason I haven’t uploaded is cost. You know the saying “it takes money to make money” and let me tell you the equipment is not cheap. Let me give you a quick list of the things I need and want to buy before filming my first legitimate video.

  • The third and final reason I have yet to upload is my planning, organization, making sure everything is perfect OCD. I want my first video to not be embarrassing, I don’t know how to just have a conversation into a camera especially being bran new I don’t have followers to talk to specifically. And even though I’m not doing this for followers, which I’ll get into later in this blog, I still don’t want to post a video thinking no body is going to see it and end up regretting it later. So right now as I continue to get my equipment I have been recording practice videos.

  • Why I want to start a YouTube channel

    1. Because makeup is my passion and my ultimate hobby. Where ever I am at any time I am doing something makeup related. From watching makeup tutorials, writing a review on a product I tried, taking pics of a sunset cut crease to turn it into a pictorial or simply flipping thru Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration. I am constantly focused on beauty. #makeupaddict
      I live a very abnormally regular life (that’s a long story I will explain on another blog) overall I feel like when I sit down and begin recording myself doing my makeup I am escaping from the everyday routine. It’s just the camera, me and my biggest hobby. It’s very relaxing and calming for me. That being said I want to get out of my comfort zone and post my videos for the world to see. Putting a photo of yourself on the internet isn’t nerve racking to me because I get to choose my best angle, my best lightening, etc. but a video is more raw. Just knowing I will have a handful of friends and family watch one of my videos is a scary thought because it’s out of my norm to do.

    This was just a fun, simple blog to let people know that there’s going to be yet another makeup enthusiast creator on YouTube 🎥 👩🏼‍💻👩🏼‍🎨💋

    Beauty tag

    Beauty tag

    I got this from @beauty and the ballroom, which she got from someone so too who ever created the tag and those who have done the tag thank you! I invite everyone and any one who wants to participate.

    Do you remember your first makeup item?

    I remember always having makeup, my mom was very stylish she loved fashion and beauty. But something I remember in particular is when I was having really bad cramps… so bad I was in tears I called my mom at work and told her. She left early, stopped at the store and came home after taking care of me she gave me a goodie bag. It had a bunch of amazing things, but this one item that stood out was an eye lash curler. Not the regular kind either. It looked like the one posted below but it was from Laura Mercier.

    What kind of coverage do you prefer from a foundation?

    Medium to full coverage. Never sheer. And you’ll never see me buying any B.B. creams or tinted moisturizers.

    Favorite high-end brand?

    Urban Decay because they are bold and edgy, but also cover the neutrals. The All-Nighter Setting Spray is my holy grail because it really is the best setting spray for oily skin. There eyeshadows are super buttery and pigmented and they come in every shade you can possibly think of. I love there 24/7 glide on eye pencils more then any pencil on the market. Although there are amazing cheaper dupes for these – Maybelline Lasting Drama 👍🏼

    What cosmetics brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t?

    Fenty, Milk Makeup, Flower, Buxom, Melt Cosmetics and Sugar Pill.

    Favorite drugstore brand?

    Colour pop, NYX, Morphe, Maybelline, Ardell and Kiss

    Do you wear false lashes?

    Yes!! They complete your look. My ultimate favorite are Kiss lash couture in Corset. In every way you can think of a great lash these are them.

    Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without?

    Honestly no. I leave the house all the time completely bare face. But I do always have swatches on my hand.

    What is your most cherished beauty product?

    Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette, simply because it’s the best shadows I own and first Morphe product and first product from a YouTuber.

    How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up an item here and there, or get lots of goodies at once?

    Both! On payday I like to get the things I’ve been wanting or needing. Then for those two weeks until next payday I buy what is affordable usually lashes and nails stuff like that.

    Do you have a “beauty budget” or do you spend freely?

    I spend freely. Yes that needs to change.

    Do you utilize coupons, reward cards, and sales when you shop for cosmetics?

    Of course! Who doesn’t love a good sale!

    What type of product do you buy the most of?

    The necessity’s lashes, lash glue, glue-on nails, and mascara.

    Is there a brand you absolutely can’t stand?

    Kylie Cosmetics. Because she makes the products for herself, the entire empire was created from a spoiled and selfish person that “got lucky”. Sorry if that offends anybody, it’s just my personal opinion. Opinions can change.

    Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup?

    Ulta Beauty. It’s not at busy compared to Sephora, plus the best part it has everything from high end to drugstore brands.

    Do you like trying new skin care products or do you keep a certain routine?

    I love trying new skin care because I don’t have any holy grail skin care products yet.

    What brand do you think has the best packaging?

    Sugar pill is pretty adorable.

    Do you belong to any online makeup communities?

    Does Ipsy count?

    Favorite beauty gurus?

    Oh there are so many – Jaclyn Hill, Lauren Curtis, Niki Tutorials, Tati, Jordi, the list goes on.

    Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?


    How many hair products do you use on a typical day?

    Two. But when I get out of the shower I use 4. Because I have bleached hair and I’m obsessed with spray leave-in conditioners and anything with coconut.

    What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?


    Would you ever consider taking makeup classes?

    Yes, I am going to have my certificate next year.

    What do you love about makeup?

    How it makes you feel. It gives you confidence also it’s more then just applying lipstick it’s my passion, my hobby, everything I do is based around beauty and makeup. Blogging, instagram, videos, etc.

    Okay, I hope you enjoyed. Tell me if you agree or disagree with anything I’ve answered.

    Wish List x5

    I wanted to write a list of the majority of makeup products that I want to try and need in my collection. I say majority because this page couldn’t be long enough for my entire wish list. So I decided to make a series and in each series I will feature 5 products.

    Let’s begin shall we…

    Grease eyeshadow palette

    This is a collectors item. I do love that they incorporated a transition shade and highlight shade.

    Every palette has that one shade that catches your eye in this palette it’s Electrifyin’. Which shade catch’s your eye? Do you agree with me? Are there any shades you dislike? There should have been a black shade I mean hello John Travolta rocks that all black style. And they could call “T birds”.

    This is in no particular order because I plan on buying this when it releases August 14th! The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault eyeshadow collection!

    As much as my little heart would love to buy the collection I’m going to save that coin and just buy the red palette.

    The red palette Ring the Alarm is a 10 pan shadow collection from metallics to mattes. If you love a great warm tone, or like me, don’t have much of them in your collection then this one is for you too.

    The shade that catches my eye is “Bomb Ass” rub that on my lid, sweep “Alert” in my crease then winged liner and false lashes and call it a day. People will look at you and assume you took hours in front of the mirror getting ready.

    Should I continue with eyeshadows or just make this wish list completely chaotic? Chaotic! Good choice!

    Fit me loose setting powder!

    I keep hearing amazing reviews about this powder and my holy grail, ride or die fit me foundation I use every day! I use a lighter shade under my eyes and on my chin. I no longer add it to the middle of the forehead. Then with a skin tone powder and a large fluffy brush I set the rest of my face and neck. Lately I’ve been setting my eyebrows with pressed powder because they like to melt away in this heat. Right now I’m using the cover girl loose setting powder and it’s very brightening and very powdery. It’s impossible to use it without getting powder every where.

    Another fun little item is the…

    beauty blender Blotterazzi!

    A beauty blender Blotterazzi is a reusable oil blotting sponge. This doesn’t have the annoying, useless corners like the traditional blotting papers. This two blotting cushions for beauty touch ups for on the go come in a chic mirrored compact. The bottom of the compact has vents built in which will help sponges dry after each use. Along with clear, hygienic separator which ensures sponge freshness.

    You use this dry and to clean wash with liquid blender cleanser and dry in a well ventilated room.

    It would be adorable to add to my purse essentials the mirror comes in handy. And since I get very sweaty and am very oily this will be a fun, easy, quick touch up moment anywhere I’m at.

    It’s easy to use, if you’ve ever used regular blotting papers then you already know how. Use this dry, dab it down all over your sweaty spots and put it back in the case to later clean. It will save you money by not repurchasing papers, it’s safer for the earth, not tossing the papers away. It not only wipes the sweat but it helps keep your foundation looking fresh and streak free. I’ve never used it and that’s why it’s on my wish list, but it all sounds so practical and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    And last my #5 Wet n Wild mega cushion contour!

    This one and done contour cushion by wet n wild! I need this now!

    It looks like it would be super simple and the packaging is so cute I’m dead. You can build it up and it seems almost impossible to get harsh edges using this. Dip your beauty sponge or foun brush and bounce it in all your regular contour areas.

    Conclusion….. my beautiful wicked queens.

    If you made it this far you are amazing and I’d love you to ask a few questions.

    1) out of the 5 items which one would you want to add to your own wish list? If you were too only choose one!

    2) which item(s) have you tried? Tell me if I should remove any from my list please. Because I’m a single mom living paycheck to paycheck while trying to build a beauty blog. And you know what they say… it takes money to make money.

    Beauty is within

    Help wanted!

    Basically I want to create my own YouTube channel, the only thing that’s stopping me is the editing process. I wish I knew how to edit, how to splice my videos, how to add music, etc. etc. the unfortunate fact is I don’t and I honestly rather a professional do it anyways because let’s face it, it takes money to make money and when I finally post I want it to be the best of the best. Eventually, I will learn how to edit on my own, but right now I prefer to focus on other things and just pay somebody to edit my videos, create my trailer and overall make my YouTube channel appealing to everybody!

    If you or anybody you know is interested please go to my contact me page and hit me up. We will talk, payment, documents, the whole works!

    NEW Clueless eyeshadow palette

    30 pan Clueless inspired eyeshadow palette!


    This is 150% on my wishlist! Because like duh who didn’t enjoy the classic movie Clueless?! The palette offers several different textures and finishes, including mattes, shimmery shades and pressed glitters. It includes a big mirror inside the palette as shown in the pic above.


    • As if
    • whatever
    • Dionne
    • Total Betty
    • Tai
    • Totally
    • Amber
    • Beverly Hills
    • Virgin
    • Ridin with the homies
    • W
    • Platforms
    • Josh
    • Faux
    • Oops, my bad!
    • Cher
    • full on Monet
    • buggin
    • iconic
    • makeover
    • way harsh
    • existential
    • matchmaker
    • classic
    • dope
    • R.S.V.P
    • Mr. Hall
    • daddy
    • closet
    • tardiness

    Makeup REVIEW

    Hello my beautiful wicked queens,

    Whenever I finish products I like to review them, because right now I’m try to hit pan on all my older makeup purchases so eventually I can clean some stuff out and then I’m going to buy all the hottest new makeup that comes out.

    What do You think about the makeup i meantioned in the picture?

    Always remember something I don’t like can be something someone else truly enjoys, and Visa Versa, these are all just my personal opinions.

    🥀✨🌙💋 Miss Noela

    Meet the blogger!

    Rachel Noela, 


    You can call me whatever you want, cause let’s face it most people will just reference this as a ‘blog’ until it gets bigger and I’ve posted enough content to be like ‘oh yeah MissNoela posted another makeup review’.

    I post daily on my Instagram which you can find at the bottom page here. I am currently in the process of saving money so I could buy a nice camera and all the other pricey equipment to start a YouTube channel and also to provide you guys with better more professional looking makeup tutorials and other fun, inspiring photos.

    I am interested in joining blogging groups or free blogging classes and you know of any please share them that would be highly appreciated 😊

    I hope you enjoy the few posts I have up, because soon they will blow your mind 🤯👍🏼

    My name is Miss Noela,

    I’ve attempted writing blogs several times in the past but I’ve finally decided to shop around for a cool blogging site page to share my love for makeup, journaling, notebook fun, and the study of Wicca which includes tons of amazing self help inspiration; along with other random things that inspire me.